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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Welcome to Kallisto Gaia Press, home of The Ocotillo Review, and a proud member of the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses.


We are a nonprofit literary organization supporting writers at all stages of their careers. Although we welcome experimental or unusual approaches to literature, our goal is to promote finely crafted work with an expressive and meaningful voice. 

We pay our contributors upon publication because we feel that too much art is taken for granted. 


The Ocotillo Review


>>>We are hard at work on The Ocotillo Review 8.1.

At this point we are not accepting further submissions. 

Check back in Spring 2024 for further info.


_ All work must be original and unpublished. Work posted on blogs, social media, or your neighborhood newsletter are considered published. 

_ We accept submissions through Submittable. Email and snail mail submissions will not be considered. 

_ Do NOT put your name or other identifying info on the document or in the submission title. if you do so, we will disqualify your submission--and we don't want that!

_ Multiple submissions or submissions in multiple categories are acceptable 

_ Please format your submission using a 12pt Times New Roman font.

_ We welcome the expression of diverse voices, diverse cultures - including submissions partly or entirely in Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Portuguese. Please include an English translation. 

_ See specific guidelines for each genre. Failure to adhere to guidelines may disqualify the submission. Reading fees are not refundable. 

_ We accept simultaneous submissions for The Ocotillo Review, with the agreement that you will withdraw it if it is accepted elsewhere. 

_ Do not include images or drawings. 

_ Kallisto Gaia Press reserves first serial rights. All other rights revert to author upon publication. Published submissions will receive payment via PayPal.

_We are a non-profit organization. Although it will not affect publication decisions, we appreciate any voluntary support made through our "tip jar", or by making a donation here

_We appreciate your interest in our journal.


The winners of the 2023 Saguaro Poetry Prize, the 2023 Acacia Fiction Prize, and the 2023 Joshua Tree Novel Contest have been announced. We are working with the winners to prepare their exciting works for publication.


See our website KallistoGaiapress.com for further information.




TEXAS POETRY CALENDAR Is no longer being published by Kallisto Gaia Press. 

>>>The Texas Poetry Calendar has been an iconic staple of the poetry community in Texas since 1998, publishing Texas Poets Laureate and Pushcart winners alongside emerging poets from the vast cultural diaspora culminating in this great state.

It was a good run.

Kallisto Gaia Press