Ends on February 20, 2018

$5.00 USD

_Submit 1-3 poems in a single document. Begin each poem on a separate page. Do not make more than one submission per year.

_Limit poems to 35 lines including title and spaces. We recommend submitting at least 1 short poem of 10 lines or less. We welcome haiku, tanka, and other short forms.

_Do not put your name or other identifying info on the document or the submission title.

_Use 12pt Times New Roman font - single spaced with a double space between stanzas.

_Your poems should have a Texas connection.

_We welcome the expression of diverse voices, diverse cultures - including poems partly or entirely in Spanish. Please include an English translation.

_No previously published poems - print or online - will be accepted. This includes poems posted on personal websites or social network pages or groups.

_We do not accept simultaneous submissions for the Texas Poetry Calendar.

_Please include a 50-75 word bio providing specific info about awards or publishing credits.

_ All work accepted for publication will receive payment

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