Ends on March 31, 2019

$3.00 USD

Please submit up to 5 poems of no more than 35 lines each per entry in Word.

_ All work must be original and unpublished. Work posted on blogs, social media, or your neighborhood newsletter are considered published.   

_ We ONLY accept submissions through Submittable.   

_ Do NOT put your name or other identifying info on the document or in the submission title.  

 _ Multiple submissions or submissions in multiple categories are acceptable as long as the reading fee is paid for each category.   

_ Poems should be single spaced with a double space between stanzas in a 12pt Times New Roman font. Begin each poem on a new page.  

 _ We welcome the expression of diverse voices, diverse cultures - including submissions partly or entirely in Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Portuguese. Please include an English translation.

_ See specific guidelines for each genre. Failure to adhere to guidelines may disqualify the submission. Reading fees are not refundable. 

 _  We accept simultaneous submissions for The Ocotillo Review with the agreement that you will retract it if it is accepted elsewhere. 

_Do not include images or drawings.   

 _ Kallisto Gaia Press reserves first serial rights. All other rights revert to author upon publication. Published submissions in this category will receive $25 USD via PayPal.